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Ribdeck E60. More savings: Less concrete.
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ribdeck e60

Ribdeck E60
For given slab depths, Ribdeck E60 requires lower volumes of structural concrete topping than other comparable decks from the UK. Its advanced design brings a new dimension to the efficient construction of shallow slabs, allowing optimum composite characteristics to be combined with minimum concrete volume.

More Strength - More Savings
Ribdeck E60 has other benefits too:

  • Extra strength and enhanced spanning characteristics:
    Ribdeck E60 is manufactured from S350 structural grade galvanised high yield steel strip.
  • More speed and efficiency on site:
    The profile is a full metre in cover width, giving greater coverage of floor area per piece.
  • Full composite designs:
    The Ribdeck E60 profile allows development of efficient, economical composite designs using shear connectors.
  • A simple suspension system:
    Ribdeck E60 takes standard soffit suspension fittings - simple, well known, effective and widely used for many years.
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