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Holorib. The Original.
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This re-entrant profile is used as permanent shuttering and tensile reinforcement for suspended in-situ concrete slabs in new and refurbished buildings. Supplied in S350 structural grade galvanised steel, Holorib is the UK’s most widely specified floor decking profile and can be supplied almost anywhere in the world.

After 40 years in use, the classic Holorib profile, only modified from its original form to suit metric cover width, still provides economic solutions that allow a combination of shallow construction and high fire resistance values in suspended concrete slabs with or without fully composite construction.

The re-entrant shape has tremendous structural integrity and provides the easiest of installation procedures on both simple and complex layouts.

The UK's most widely specified profile.

Some technical benefits of Holorib:

  • Best concrete compression block for flexural resistance
  • Deep concrete section/high steel content for best vertical/longitudinal shear resistance
  • Shape of troughs allows a greater number of shear studs and optimum shear stud performance
  • Only decking type not requiring fire stops over support beams for fire resistance periods up to 2 hours
  • Strongest load carrying performance
  • Shallowest slabs for providing 2 hours fire resistance
  • Embossments in webs and tops of ribs ensure the most effective shear bond characteristics
  • Allows construction of most dense slabs for best sound insulation
  • Greatest flexibility for low cost, stronger service/ceiling suspension
  • High composite inertia minimises service deflection
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