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30 St. Mary Axe - The Gherkin
Location: 30 St Mary Axe, London, England, United Kingdom
Status: Complete
Completion Date: 2004
Height: 180 metres
Floor Area: 70,000 square metres
Architect: Foster & Partners
Steel Contractor: Victor Buyck – Hollandia JV
Deck Profile: Ribdeck 80

Widely known throughout the world by the nickname ‘The Gherkin’, 30 St Mary Axe stands at 180 metres tall, making it on completion the second tallest building in the City of London and the sixth tallest in the Greater London region.

Thanks to the efficiency of its environmentally-conscious design, The Gherkin uses half the power that a similar tower would typically consume, whilst the unique triangulated perimeter structure makes this tall building sufficiently stiff to control wind-excited sways without requiring any additional cross-bracing.

The specification of Ribdeck 80 for this project was an integral factor in achieving the ambitious design of this unique building, with its radial steel beam arrangement requiring a decking profile that could span up to 4.75m without any requirement for additional framing or temporary support. Ribdeck 80 was the obvious choice.

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