Richard Lees Decking
Richard Lees Decking
setting the standards in steel decking for over 65 years
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65 years of innovation in structural flooring.

Our profiles have set the standards in steel decking for over 65 years, and we continue to help shape the skylines of the world’s most celebrated cities.
The success of our market leading steel decking is founded upon an ongoing commitment to excellence in both service and engineering. It is this dedication to quality that has seen our Holorib brand adopted as the generic term for steel decking in the UK, and that continues to see our products specified in many of the world’s most prestigious projects.
If you need a trusted partner with a proven track record, talk to Richard Lees Decking Limited. We guarantee you a service that is as complete as it is reassuring.

Richard Lees Decking Limited offers four top quality decking profiles, each of which provides its own array of distinct benefits. Click on the product logos below to find out more about our portfolio of decking products.

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